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His unique, melodic and contemporary approach to the violin brought Raphael Batista to present this fantastic album of the series “Plays Daniel Figueiredo”. By combining electronic elements and modern grooves with the acoustic essence of the violin, Raphael came up with his sweet and dynamic arrangements for Daniel Figueiredo’s most successful songs written for TV shows, telenovelas and films.

All songs composed by Daniel Figueiredo

Violins: Raphael Batista
Arranged by: Chilleno (remixes) and Elton Ricardo
Produced by Daniel Figueiredo

Mixed by Elton Ricardo, Chilleno and Daniel Figueiredo at MusicSolution Studios / Los Angeles
Mastered by Paulo Jeveaux at Na Gringa Studios / Miami

Photos by Madison Leigh
Cover Design by Heisler Mulano and Phillip Massi


Thanks to Ricardo and Chilleno for the inspired arrangements and special thanks to Daniel Figueiredo for the care and support on this album.


Raphael Batista is a Brazilian violin player, based in Los Angeles. His unique skills on the violin are making him more popular each day. Daniel Figueiredo invited him to perform violin in some of his productions for TV Shows. After that, they became closer and the idea of producing an album together came out. “Raphael Batista Plays Daniel Figueiredo” features some successful Daniel’s songs, now played with Raphael’s sweet violin playing.

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