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"Sem Intenção" perfectly encapsulates his musical craftsmanship through composition and production. The song combines thought-provoking lyrics, the vibrant energy of rock guitars, captivating vocal melodies, and synthesized elements that seamlessly bridge the acoustic and electronic worlds.


Felipe D'Ippolito is an artist, singer, musician, composer and audiovisual producer from Rio de Janeiro. He has been performing on stage since he was 12 years old. He was part of the Reality show Musical FAMA, on the Globo network, in 2002. He was part of prominent bands such as DOX (Neurastina), Cigalle, and currently participates in a collaboration with @DjMarcus Ferrari, @DJTonni and @NaldoTorres, mixing Hard Rock and Classic Rock with music Electronics. And preparing the release of his first solo album.

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