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Paulo Loureiro is unveiling his full album "Human" through XpandMusic. "Human" brings a bold blend of instrumental music, vocal landscapes, and ethnic influences. The song titles in different languages emphasize the plurality of Paulo’s work and tie the entire concept together, where "Human” represents the diversity of emotions and sensations inside the human inner-self. Paulo arranged and performed most of the instruments, but the album also features outstanding musicians like Bruno Migliari, Cuca Teixeira, Sergio Morel, Staneck, Marcelo Mariano, and Lincoln Novaes. "Human" is available on all streaming services.

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Paulo Loureiro is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist with over 40 years as a professional. He has released countless albums in many genres, including instrumental works and singing music.

He has worked with many important names in Brazilian music, playing with Sandra de Sá, Celso Blues Boy, Flávio Venturini, and Grupo Revelação, among others. Loureiro toured the country extensively through the years, performing for large audiences.

Ed Motta considers Paulo Loureiro one of the leading exponents of the new Brazilian soul music. According to the book "Lindo Sonho Delirante" by Bento Araújo, the instrumental album Anno Luz (1988) is one of the 100 most courageous albums in Brazil.

In 2021, he released the album “Inner Spaces” through V12 Music, featuring alternative pop mixed with influences of world ethnic music and progressive rock.

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