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Initial Launch: XpandMusic And Daniel Figueiredo Release Visionary Album From Jesus Molina

L.A. TV/Film composer, entrepreneur and music producer Daniel Figueiredo has followed up the launch of record label XpandMusic with a collaboration involving Colombian genius Jesus Molina. Molina’s latest album, Cello Stories , is XpandMusic’s first label release.

Molina’s Cello Stories is a unique duet of piano and cello, with Haeinsane as a special guest.

Molina’s latest album marks the initial release from Figueiredo’s new XpandMusic brand which initially started from the need to release Daniel’s own projects. Jesús Molina’s album is seen as the logical next step for Figueiredo whose vision in launching XpandMusic was to be an artist-first company that would have the right approach to delivering albums from artists Figueiredo admires.

For his part, Jesús Molina has been drawing increasing buzz in the U.S and in Latin America for his incredible talent, virtuosity, and distinguished creativity. Recognizing Molina as a rising international star, Figueiredo and XpandMusic see this latest Molina album as a way to expand the horizons of artist and label where plenty of space is provided for potential talents and great music. Cello Stories is already available on the most popular music streaming platforms.

For his part, XpandMusic boss Daniel Figueiredo’s path to Hollywood was a long road that started in the small town of Cataguases, Minas Gerais, in Brazil where he was born. Figueiredo’s music interests flowered after he started as a guitar player for a local band, which led him to produce music at his home town studio. Daniel later moved to Rio de Janeiro where his artistic reputation exploded across Brazil. This led to Daniel’s move to Los Angeles in June 2019 where he began work on his recently completed state-of-the-art music studio.

Figueiredo’s approach to music production is the same he employs in listening to new work; His artistic task is discover music, regardless of style, using all other music genre’s as a reference. This vision is reflected in XpandMusic’s aim to blend music styles freely with versatility and unhindered creativity to produce exciting new approaches to all music genres.

The music and film industry in Hollywood has been quick to notice Figueiredo’s trademark style, leading to several high-profile projects such as his scoring for the highly-anticipated telenovela The 10th Commandment and the upcoming film release The Battle of Saipan, a collaboration recorded in Bangkok/Thailand commissioned by prodigious U.S. indy film maker Daemon Hillin.

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