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AX- 80S

ax80s - 80 miles.png


XpandMusic has just released the song "80 Miles” by the AX-80s band, with a 80s pop vibe, while delivering a completely contemporary sound, it’s available now on major streaming platforms.


The AX-80s project emerged when musicians Afrânio Alves and Xande Rosa decided to create a collection of original songs inspired by the Synthwave style. They delved into the origins and references of tones and sounds from the 1980s and put them into practice in the AX-80s project.
Afrânio Alves serves as the vocalist, composer, and guitarist, with his music having been recorded by artists within the national scene. He has previously worked on soundtracks for theater productions and film scores (such as the movie "Até que a sorte nos separe").
Xande Rosa, on the other hand, is a composer, producer, guitarist, and vocalist of the band A.F.C. He works as a producer in collaboration with DJs. He was a part of the band SUKHOI (T-Rec/Indie Records) in the 2000s. Notably, he was involved in the song "Solidão à Dois," which was featured in the TV show "Malhação" in 2004.

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