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In September, the project “Plays Daniel Figueiredo” has a new single featuring the artist Dudu Lima, releasing the song “Desamparados” through XpandMusic. With over 35 years of dedication to the music world, Dudu Lima is a virtuoso Brazilian bass player who has been devoting his passion and creation to build a very successful career. Dudu has released 21 albums and has worked with very important names in the music industry such as Milton Nascimento, Stanley Jordan, Toninho Horta, João Bosco, Hermeto Pascoal, Wagner Tiso, among others. On this new take on “Desamparados” by Daniel Figueiredo, Dudu explores the different nuances of his 6-string acoustic-electric bass, creating a captivating soundscape filled with intricate melodies, warm harmonies, and a mesmerizing tone. “Desamparados” is available on the streaming services.


Dudu Lima is a Brazilian bass virtuoso, composer, and arranger with a 35-year music career. He's released 21 albums internationally, including "Dudu Lima featuring João Bosco" in 2022. His albums featured collaborations with renowned musicians like Hermeto Pascoal, João Bosco, Toninho Horta, and Wagner Tiso. Notably, the album "Milton Nascimento e Dudu Lima Trio – Tamarear" includes American guitarist Stanley Jordan, who praised Dudu Lima as "among the world's best bassists." 

In Brazil, Dudu Lima's music has received enthusiastic acclaim, including praise from Milton Nascimento, who was impressed by his bass playing. Dudu Lima is a key figure in the Brazilian instrumental scene, and his passionate connection to music is evident whenever he embraces the acoustic bass on stage, showcasing his deep love for the art.

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