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Daniel Siwek unveils his full album “Entropy Nº1” through XpandMusic. Entropy, a measure of irreversibility and disorder, finds expression in Daniel Siwek's album “Entropy Nº1”. With influences from Bon Iver, Elliot Smith, and Peter Gabriel, Siwek's voice and acoustic guitar create folk-rock melodies reminiscent of indie intimacy. The album's eight tracks convey everyday beauty and emotions. Instruments like piano, cello, and guitar enhance the compositions, collaborating with the outstanding musicians Murillo Da Rós, Lilian Nakahoto, Luís Bourschedit, Fábio Abu-Jamra, Fernando Schubert and Laura Budel. Entropy Nº1's solemn sadness holds a unique appeal, making it an album that wraps up beautiful stories with its melodic drama. The album is available on all streaming services.

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Entropy Nº1 deals with doubts and successes, with good will, but also with the freedom to compose, with the traits that define stories already lived by many people.

With influences that refer to the intimate songs of Bon Iver, Elliot Smith, through the discreet and brilliant Sam Beam (Iron and Wine), to the creative Peter Gabriel, Siwek joins the folk rock movement with his acoustic guitar, soft voice and compositions that they are so transparent they are full of harmony.

“At the End”, which opens the CD, brings a ballad that is close to the touch, with soft grooves and small interventions of piano and cello, giving a delicate and strong drama to the composition. “At the end of the day/There's nothing you can say/At the end of the night/You just wait for the light“. The puerile atmosphere does not prevent the songs from invading the head and heart with force, in a constant exercise of perceiving oneself, as in “Brings you down”.

Not only melancholy translates Entropy Nº1. The clean and simple poetry can also be perceived in “Despite what you say”, in a clear walking movement, cadenced with ripped guitar riffs. "This song speaks of the moment you decide to go your own way, leaving fears and doubts behind."

The strong presence of instruments such as piano, cello and guitar, translates the partnership with instrumentalists, exponents such as sound engineer and flamenco guitarist Murillo Da Rós, Lilian Nakahoto (piano), Luís Bourschedit (percussion), Fábio Abu-Jamra (acoustic and electric guitars), Fernando Schubert (bass) and Laura Budel (cello).

There is in Entropy Nº1 a solemn sadness that is comfortable for attentive ears and that transforms the album into a single song to wrap up any beautiful story. Released by XpandMusic in 2023.

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