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Xpand proudly presents another major release: the single “Requebra.” This song was a big hit in the 90s and has now been re-released in a completely refreshed version. The single is part of the upcoming album “Baile do Vinny.”

You can listen to “Requebra” on all major digital streaming platforms now.

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Vinícius Bonotto, known as Vinny, achieved significant success in the late '90s, blending electronic beats with pop melodies and easily digestible lyrics. Before pursuing music, he studied psychology and law, even interning briefly. Possessing talent in singing and playing the guitar, he joined less prominent groups until venturing into a solo career in 1995.

His debut with Indie Records, a self-titled work, was predominantly acoustic and garnered limited attention, leading Vinny to sustain himself through commercial jingles and performing in Rio de Janeiro's nightlife.

Two years later, he stormed the airwaves with the hit "Heloísa, Mexe a Cadeira" from the album "Todo Mundo." With a distinctive singing and songwriting style, Vinny became a staple on television programs of the time, selling 100,000 copies.

Popular among teenagers, he took on a role in the film "Requebra" and contributed to the soundtrack with a song of the same name.

Building on his success, the following year brought “Na Gandaia," featuring the track “Shake Boom.” Vinny also collaborated on albums for other artists, such as the dancer Tiazinha, and released “O Bicho Vai Pegar," including his last major hit, the ballad “Te Encontrar de Novo.”

Subsequent albums include "Quando o Tempo Pára" (2000), "Até Você Chegar" (2001), Vinny Mix (2002), and "Universo Paralelo" (2004). His latest release is “A Máquina do Dia,” and Vinny continues to be active in the music scene.

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