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XpandMusic presents another remarkable release: artist Rajiv Santos's album "Borealis." The brilliant trio is formed by Dirk Verbeuren on the drums and Luis Mariutti on bass guitars, available now on major digital streaming platforms.


Rajiv Santos is a guitarist and composer based in California. In parallel to pursuing music, he has also worked with technology for the past 20+ years. 

His musicality navigates between the precision that one of his trades demands, and as intensively the realm of emotions that life experiences enable.

Influenced by long form and instrumental music, ranging from classical to progressive metal, Rajiv looks for what can and needs to be said that words can’t address.

Mentored by Kiko Loureiro, his latest release, Borealis, features Luis Mariutti (Angra, Shaman) on bass, Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, Megadeth) on drums, and was engineered and produced by Adair Daufembach (Project46, Kiko Loureiro, Tony MacAlpine, Angra).

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