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João Gaspar releases “Acoustic Landscapes: Resonator” via XpandMusic, showcasing his mastery of acoustic and resonator guitars. The album weaves melodies and emotions into an immersive experience, with tracks like “Spiritual Path” and “Dancing Trees” harmonizing melodies and Brazilian rhythms. “South Winds” and “Slow Sunset” create serene atmospheres, while “Long Desert” showcases resonator artistry. “Wild Sea” marks a potent culmination of singles, with more compositions joining. Gaspar's creative vision unfolds, inviting listeners into emotive compositions, and resonant melodies. This experience is on all streaming platforms, inviting music enthusiasts into the sonic realm of “Acoustic Landscapes: Resonator.”


Because of his versatility, João Gaspar became a renowned sideman and have shared the stage and/or recorded with many important names of the international music, such as Ivan Lins, Maria Bethânia, Simone, Zélia Duncan, Jorge Vercillo, Maria Rita, Lenine, Hamilton de Holanda, Daniela Mercury, Milton Nascimento, Leo Gandelman, Mart'nalia, Frejat, Daniel Boaventura, Isabella Taviani, Angela Ro Ro, Taryn Szplilman, Roberta Campos, Eduardo Dussek, Guinga, Zeca Baleiro, Rita Ribeiro, Carlos Malta, Eugenia Leon (Mexico), Tunai, Zé Ramalho, Ney Matogrosso, Simone Guimarães, Arthur Maia, Josee Koning (Holland), Daniel Gonzaga, Cláudio Lins and Naná Vasconcelos.

João has released albums with his own compositions over the years and in 2023 he starts a new international venture by releasing the album "Acoustic Landscapes: Resonator" by XpandMusic (Los Angeles, CA).

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