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XpandMusic proudly presents "Love Me Again (Call Me Again)" by Marcos Ferrari. The single features Gapereira as a special guest, and is available now on major streaming platforms.


MARCOS FERRARI is a Brazilian DJ, music producer, and composer specializing in EDM and POP.
At the age of 18, Marcos had already become a notable figure in his hometown, Paraty, within the events sector, where he hosted his own radio program. He released his debut single in 2021.
The young artist has delivered remarkable performances in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, featuring at major events in his city. Recognized for his distinctive and charismatic stage presence, his original compositions have garnered airplay on radio stations across the country. Additionally, Marcos boasts a global audience of over half a million followers on digital platforms.


Gapereira is an artist who took his first steps on the music scene in 2015, participating in cultural circles. From 2018 onwards, his passion for music grew, leading him to compose more songs and improve his voice, standing out especially in the electronic, R&B and acoustic genres. In 2020, he took a decisive leap in his career, releasing several songs, including hits such as "CODRIP-19" and "ONLY ONE", which together have accumulated more than 200 thousand views.

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