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The project "Mambolerumba" is a song composed by Daniel Figueiredo and performed by the virtuoso bass player Estevão Lima, featuring the iconic guitarist Frank Gambale. In this new rendition of Daniel Figueiredo's composition, Estevão Lima showcases his musical prowess, blending Fusion, Jazz, and Brazilian Music to create a rich and captivating arrangement. In this single, he collaborates with outstanding musicians, including Felipe Alves, Natan Gomes, Jota P, and Pietro Romano. With the participation of one of the most legendary guitarists of our time, Frank Gambale, Estevão Lima's interpretation of "Mambolerumba" is a unique experience.


Estevão Lima, born in Rio de Janeiro in February 1981, is a versatile double bassist, arranger, and music producer. His technical prowess, refined taste, and broad range across various musical styles have facilitated his seamless transition across diverse projects, significantly influencing his career.
His extensive portfolio includes numerous performances and recordings across Brazil with renowned artists such as Banda Quatro por Um, Rose Nascimento, Willian Nascimento, Gisele Nascimento, Shirley Carvalhaes, Cristina Mel, Mattos Nascimento, Alda Célia, Álvaro Tito, Marquinhos Gomes, Chris Duran, Klev Soares, Claudinho Maciel, Marina de Oliveira, Ministério Apascentar (Vida Abundante), Manu Santos, Banda Daimom, Outro Eu, and Nascimento Jr.
In the instrumental scene, he has collaborated with notable figures including Frank Gambale, Frank Colón, Mateus Starling, Willians Pereira, Zazá Desiderio, Felipe Alves, Natan Gomes, Jota P, Josué Lopez, Danilo Sina, Léo de Freitas, and others.

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